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RX100 samples, and some thoughts.

Sony’s little wonder


Recently, I began to look at this camera as the essential tool for someone who would use a point and shoot camera, for more serious work.


It’s main appeal for me was the small form (fits in a jeans pocket). I am happy to say, that it does what I expected in that regard, and very well. Beyond this, would it work for the other aspects of what I want from this format, and here is what my breakdown leads me to so far…


1. Great lens, sharp in almost any situation, and to the corners. However, the slower aperture on the 100mm equivalent end, is too slow. Way too slow when I think about the upcoming LX7 from Panasonic.

2. Great processing of the image data. In this regard, Sony have done very will considering its 20mp resolution. In the 125 (lowest natural setting) to 400 iso range, things look great. From 400-1600 they are passable, but when you hit 1600 and above, it quickly becomes apparent that the images are a little smudgy looking.

3. Resolution is superb considering its size and the sensors limitations. This is the only reason I would keep this camera. It offers me the ability to make beautiful, salable work. Really!


So, since a few thoughts on a camera are useless without pictures, here are a few that I made yesterday.


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Bridal Portraits at Red Rocks in Colorado

Fun without the sun!


Bridal session in Colorado’s Red Rocks Park.

Prior to Chelsea and Justin’s wedding this summer, I had the chance to create some bridal portraits. It was a cloudy and overcast evening, but beautiful for the opportunities it presented. This is one of the most relaxed and fun bridal sessions I have had the pleasure to shoot.

The wedding (from my point of view), was spectacular as it rained nearly the whole day. I loved the way Chelsea and Justin carried it off and the result was a wedding with a really  fun story. I think that everyone there was a trooper and stood the weather in the best possible way…. “stiff upper lip” style. Kudos to you all.

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Engagement photography – Bennett Co.

Ok, so I have a few things to put up today…


A couple weeks ago I shot with a wonderful couple from Bennett Co, who were so relaxed and easy to photograph. I loved spending the time and getting to play with a few ideas for fun engagement photos. Here is a selection of those I liked and thought might be fun to share with you.

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Wash Park, Denver. Engagement session

I had the pleasure of photographing Christie and Anthony at Wash Park in Denver the other morning.  I had fun with this and it was a “sunrise” type shoot that was a little chilly to begin with. Kudos for braving the elements you guys, and thanks.

Here are some from our session…Etherial engagement photo, Denver photographySqueeze photo, engagement photo ideasWash park photos, kiss photo, engagement photographyEngagement photo by the lake, Wash Park engagement sessionengagement portrait, Wash Park, Denverengagement photo, denver engagement photography.


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