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    David, a professional Colorado wedding photographer, offers his style and passion to couples looking for classic documentary, and dramatic wedding photography. We pose a little, but look for the irreplaceable moments that really tell your story.

My approach

Telling Colorado wedding stories has many facets for me. Seeing and expressing the characters involved in that story is at the heart of what I do.

Denver Colorado is a great place to get married. There are so many beautiful places here. Imagine if you will, picking up a novel set in the snow capped Colorado mountains, and finding you cannot put it down. It pulls you in, holds your imagination and engages you at every level. Often the climax of the story will leave you refreshed, revived and sometimes with a tear in your eye. This is my perspective as I capture images during your Colorado wedding day. Even when its not a Denver wedding, I seek to capture the character(s) in the images I create. Infusing each image with a perspective, composition and lighting that draws the eye and causes both an intellectual, and emotional response.

Philosophy: Study and enjoy the relationship between people. Create truly compelling images of the moments in that relationship.

Believing marriage is the foundation of our deepest human relationship, I have so much admiration for those who choose to marry. Its the best investment I have made so far. I work hard, play hard and love like I only have today.




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