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    David, a professional Colorado wedding photographer, offers his style and passion to couples looking for classic documentary, and dramatic wedding photography. We pose a little, but look for the irreplaceable moments that really tell your story.

Engagement photographer – Denver Colorado

The latest Engagement session – Colorado wedding photography style.


Here are a few from a recent engagement session with Kristina and Aaron. The session was a blast and included their dog to add a little flavor for some of the images. We spent way too long, for my normal shoot length, but had some hiking to do to get the shots we did. Loved it! Anyhow, here are a selection of their images, enjoy.



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Kara - Love 13, 14 and 15 – you could tell you all had a lot of fun!

Flowers – Colorado Wedding photographer

Colorado wedding photography is full of little surprises.

One of those things for me, is the fantastic beauty we experience here in Colorado. I just saw these in the garden and had to share them.. I know its not a couple having fun, but if you get to have your wedding in a place that is full of these, it makes for such a great backdrop. Enjoy.

Colorado flower, wedding photography, colorado wedding photographers

Wedding flowers?

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Céline - Nice colors !
Is it normal that there is only 1 “D” in “wedding galleries” in your navbar ? English is not my first language, so I’m just wondering…

Colorado wedding Photographers – Wedding Venues

When I think about the best wedding venues in Colorado…

I wish there were a great place to show what they are. This endless google for the best wedding venues is a real challenge. I know google works hard to ensure the best search results, but often the results are jaded by unrealistic stats. You know what I mean by “stats” don’t you?  Those things the stop us finding what we were hoping to.

I have recently been researching some information about wedding venues in Colorado, for a personal project. This has been a daunting task and one which I think would benefit from a site or two (not those paid sites that you only get seen on if you paid enough) that showcases some of the best wedding venues in Colorado… at least those according to the opinions of someone who is well versed in the business. That way, brides seeking the top wedding venues in Colorado would be able to sit back and get a feel for a place from a NON “stats” perspective. A perspective that, I feel, would be appreciated for its candor and thoughtful insights. If I were a bride (bit of a tall order I realize), that is what I would be hoping to find.

So, with that little rant, I leave you this. Perhaps I will do what it is I think needs to be done? In fact, I WILL do that!

Check back again soon, and see what I get involved in next.


P.s. here is a place I recently photographed that I love to shoot at…

Wedding Venues in Colorado, colorado wedding venues

A Colorado Wedding venue

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Wedding Photographers – Denver Prom images


Tonight, I had an opportunity to work with an upcoming star in Denver. This young lady has tons of potential in the modeling industry…. if she chooses to try that route?

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Colorado professional photographers – shooting Coyote!

For a Denver Wedding photographer, this was a must grab shot that I have to share…

I awoke, as usual, around sunrise and went to the kitchen for a cuppa (tea that is). As I sat discussing life with one of the three people in our home, that knows everything about life (lucky for me), I caught a glimpse of something out back. It moved, and my dog started to whine. Rushing from the breakfast table, I darted to the office and grabbed a camera. Here is what we saw:

Denver photographer, coyote

Coyote looking for breakfast

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Mademoiselle Bagatelle - Wow! Awesome photo! Lucky you! I’d never seen a coyote before… Here in England, we have only foxes walking around:)