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Denver Colorado Wedding photographer passes the test.

Achieving new goals is always a good place for me to be. I love to be challenged, even when I don’t know how to attain that goal.

The goal in this case was both a personal goal, and a business goal. As many of you know, I recently decided to begin the process of being registered by the only recognized professional photographers certification board available to US photographers (at the time of writing this). The PPA is a body comprised of accomplished professional photographers who work on all manner of things, from copyright law to competitive business practice.

For this article,  I want to share the program they offer to photographer who wish to be recognized for their craft and ability.

Firstly, you will have to register with the PPA and submit your application for the professional certification process. Then you must share a collection of images that demonstrate several things. Ability to frame and expose an image with purpose and technical proficiency. Composition that makes sense for the subject and what you were hoping to show/capture. Exposure that is correct for the intended purpose. Good impact for the intended subject, and several other components. These will then be evaluated by a board of professional photographers (your peers) for acceptance within those requirements. Thankfully, I have just passed the bar for that portion of getting certified (yes, I am certifiable).

The next step is to submit your application to take their exam. I found this to be somewhat exciting and a little bit scary. Exciting as I love challenges, and this one offers a long term benefit that some of my challenges don’t. Scary because it has been about 25 or so years since I sat for any kind of exam. When I arrived to take the exam, I had not really considered the outcome too much. Felling sublime, I strolled into a room full of other photographer aspiring to pass the exam. That’s when I began feeling a little “whoa, this look serious”, and less confident than a few minutes earlier. Needless to say, you cannot have your iphone at the ready, so googling answers is out (nothing allowed but you, your pencils and the test papers). OK, settle down and do the test right? Yup. I decided to swallow hard and get busy with the answers. We had two hours (which in retrospect seemed like 10) to complete the exam. About an hour later, I completed the exam and handed it back to the man who was responsible for all the applicants paperwork. So, now what? I went outside, ran into a couple other Denver wedding photographers who were there for image competition judging. Having discussed the industry and some fun thing that have happened in the past few years, I said my farewells and took off.

Skip forward to this morning. I received a letter marked with the PPA’s logo and looking very official. Of course, like an eager kid, I tore it open in anticipation…



So, for all you aspiring wedding photographers in Denver Colorado, I encourage you to start your journey. Get the professional certification, become recognized for your commitment to the craft. And don’t forget to do your homework ;-).


Footnote: Thanks again to Steve for your push. I need a little nudge now and then.

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Denver photographer does the PPA exam – today!

Back story:

I have been in this country for more than 20 years now (yes, its been a little while). That time has truly been a blessing for my family and I. We enjoy Colorado so much. If you live here, you already know what a great place it is. Being here has forced me to relearn some way of photographing a wedding that you just don’t really have to deal with in most other places. Namely, the all to often harsh light coupled with either high or low temperatures. It has been a fun journey for the most part (poor grammar).

Skip forward a little to now: During the long time we have been here, it has slowly occurred to me (especially given the huge influx of “wedding photographers” that has happened the past few years) is there’s no way for a potential client to know if a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, commercial photographer or any other flavor of photographer, can actually do what is needed to consistently produce quality work. I’m talking about the ability to both see and anticipate things, and the ability to make the needed preparations and adjustments to get what is wanted in an image.

While there are truly (IMO) talented photographers who are new to the field, lately there have been a lot of new photographers who gain the confidence of clients but who cannot really perform as they present themselves. That is to say, I keep hearing from people on photography forums (FM, PN and others) that I frequently visit/participate in, about how their “photographer” did a less than pleasing job. Often the person posting about it is asking if images can be salvaged, or how to pursue legal action against the person who shot their wedding. I’m really saddened by hearing this, and that it’s on the increase…A LOT…lately.

Then I asked myself… Well how does a bride know who is for real? Hmmm, not so easy to figure out as you would think. Beginning by doing a search in google. I found a photographer in another state and did some digging (good old google … OLD?.. anyhow). Initially it appeared the “photographer” I selected was legitimate. So I kept looking at my search results and eventually discovered that there were people out there that had made some, not horrible, but less than happy reports about said photographer. On closer inspection, it turns out that this particular photographer had posted about their inexperience and even posted questions like “HELP; I have a wedding tomorrow and can’t get my camera to work properly. What am I doing wrong?” (that is not the actual question, since I have no wish to harm the person in question’s reputation). An already long story shorter, It’s pretty easy to get hired as a photographer these days. The problems usually come after the wedding photographer is done. What to do? How can I help to guide potential brides to more qualified and consistently good photographers.


Here’s what I decided to do:

After chatting with another local photographer in the Denver area (Steve Tinetti, great photographer BTW), I decided that one of the best ways to separate and define a quality photographer in a way that will help potential clients choose more wisely, is to have a measure by which they can be gauged. Sandy Puc already set out to do this for many photographers and I salute her for her work in bringing a higher standard to the industry. At the time of writing this article, PPA offers the ONLY formally recognized qualification (that I’m aware of) in the US to a photographer who wants to be considered a professional (versus novice/wanna be). So, this morning I (and some other comitted local photographers) attended the annual examination for the PPA certification program. The way it works is to complete a questionnaire that essentially tells you if you really have a clue about photography. I have no idea how I fared at this point (more to come on that later), but I thought it a worthy cause and as such, my participation would be “putting my money where  my camera is” ;-).


Brides/Grooms, I hope this will be a way to help you know which Denver Wedding photographers are committed and qualified (at least technically) to provide a consistent and higher standard of work. You can go to the PPA to see who is a certified photographer, or even who is listed there as a registered photographer. That will help begin your search. You can also go here for some unbiased reviews of photographers. Then, once you have a photographer (or two) in mind, ask to speak to their most recent clients. Those are the most reliable ways I know to establish what you want to know BEFORE you hire someone to photograph your wedding.


In summation, I want to say thanks to Steve for his encouragement in helping galvanize my mind and start doing something to help bring more stability and reliability to this crazy industry. Yay Steve.


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Steve Tinetti - Hey, David, congratulations in advance for passing the test. Your certification will help, I know from experience!

New sites for Photocraftz

During the past month and a half, I have been wondering about what would be a good way to work on improving my website’s visibility. The best solution I have come up with so far is to make myself (or at least my services) more visible to those who will likely be looking for someone like me. So…I am including the three new places that will be getting developed and pages/content added as I get time and help with this project.


Here are the sites if you are interested:



I know they are similar to begin with, but wanted to get all your feedback if you can find a moment to help me with it. Thanks for your input again.:-)D.


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Denver portrait for Mary:

Had a meeting yesterday with Mary (a wedding client from about a year or so ago) who’s career as a doula meant she had a need to get a studio headshot. Since we were at my studio (LOL), that turned out to be easy to accomplish right there and then.. If you are in need of a great doula for your pregnancy, I can recommend Mary as a gentle and encouraging lady who will make your pregnancy a more enjoyable.rewading time:

You can check out the portrait she is using and see her information here:


.. or if you just like the pictures, here is the one she chose:

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